my sand mermaid on the shores of redondo beach

With background in traditional art & photography, this is where a sample of my creative digital work are housed.

My first graphic design training was when we were still taught the old-school way of designing everything by hand with technical pens and rulers and when fonts were stenciled in or applied as stickers.  My first manual camera in college was before the birth of digital cameras.  But I come from a time when the professors, in college, accepted reports in all forms, including printed from a computer.

As far as photography, it’s almost romantic reminiscing on it but I didn’t want to let go of my ‘manual’ SLR.  But it didn’t take me long before I moved on with the first wave of transitioners.  This was when I found a second canvas, a new medium.  It was the quick gratification that made my eyes sparkle among other aspects but there was no turning back.  My appreciation and use of handmade goods will always be and I will, forever, hold on to certain things done the old way.  But, in this internet era and speedy tech evolution I am in with the new, ever-changing.

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